Royal Clear The Air At The Top Before Bradby

Defending champions Royal College by virtue of winning the crunch clash of the two unbeaten sides 25-21 against St.Peter’s College have placed themselves as the undisputed leaders of the Singer Inter-school under-20 Division I-Group A league before the Bradby first leg against Trinity next week.
The irony of it is, Trinity who are placed at third after their 30-24 defeat of Kingswood has a chance to overtake their traditional rivals with a bonus point victory since the first leg is counted for the league. Isipathana who had a calkwalk against St.Anthony’s on Friday remain at fourth and still with a considerable chance of the title for they are yet to play Royal and St.Peter’s.
Science close the gap to Vidyartha to three points with a thrilling 23-22 triumph in their mid table battle and St.Joseph’s again overtake Kingswood to 7th with a comprehensive 55-14 victory over D.S. They are safe from relegation with this outcome and St.Anthony’s look destined to go down.
D.S who are serving the basement still can realistically hope of a turnaround if they were to beat Kingswood.


2 comments on “Royal Clear The Air At The Top Before Bradby

  1. Alvin says:

    Dear Chathura,
    How did St. Peters End with a bonus point, when they only scored 3 tries? isn’t it that a team has to score 4 tries to get that bonus point? based on that, TCK should be in number two position and Peters in third.

    • Hi Alvin,thanks for the comment.
      Yes,they did miss out on the 0.5 bonus for tries.But the margin is 4.There’s another bonus awarded for the margin.(to be entitled to it the margin has to be 5 or less)
      And the other situation where a losing side can earn a 0.5 bonus is by virtue of scoring more tries than the winning side. (Ex-Science got the bonus when they lost to Trinity 25-19 because they scored three tries compared to Trinity’s 2)
      Hope this bit of info helps 🙂

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