Is Manchester City On Freefall?

Roberto Mancini’s nervy attitude towards most things lately isn’t something that’s on the fly it seems. As the summer winks, Mancini could be dreading at the hypothesis. Manchester United’s strength in the run-in was expected by almost every inspector, itplaying out right before the eyes, meticulous as ever. But for such a ridiculously powerful squad in the wee-hours of the league with a mean streak, City’s road from a tunnel-train to a tortoise is appalling, as well as bewildering.

Five points clear from the chasing pack staring at March after a February of resurrection of mistakes, now they lie five points adrift, a turn of events that’s certain to test Sheik Mansour’s inclination towards pulling the trigger. The title race is far from over with 21 points still to play for, but you can’t help but consider inwardly that the advantage has been handed on a platter to the famous side of Manchester.

Sneak peek closely and tracking down of the differences that has caused these changes is clear. It’s the contrasting philosophies of the two camps. While City’s mechanism emanates from scoring early and pressing through the advantage, United thrives on hanging on by the thread and striking In the final furlongs. They have championed the art of finishing and it isn’t strenuous to see why. Sir Alex Ferguson has done it before and his expert marshalling of troops is parallel to none in the business end. City settles into their rhythm and passes out the opponents if that desired breakthrough arrives early or they continuously speed up the panic lever. Three ‘S’s – Swansea, Stoke and Sunderland – have all preyed upon the City’s early motion or doom emblem while United have played the waiting game with admirable consistency.

Ryan Giggs’s lurk to spoil the party at Carrow Road, Choking of Tottenham after being second best for large swathes of time, Singular seeing off of Fulham or the latest feather to the cap against Blackburn Rovers, Ferguson is preserving a dynasty. City, after seeking the warmth of Mansour, is like a child with a fortune. Spending isn’t black as some might eke it as out to be, any disagreement of the part can be done by bravado and collectiveness in the pitch, for it has totalled up quality in the English Premier League like never before. The other side of the spectrum is after splurging this much wealth around, not winning a single trophy is unpardonable.

Mancini is a ‘cup’ man, but from the outset, City was quick to ascertain that the league is their main priority this season. So, if they fail in their quest, there won’t be large contingents who would call City’s season passable without braving isolation and stupidity. Mansour has shown his opulent self has restrained himself -hardly a feature in his luxurious colleagues – desperate measures so far and his patience will be tested to the hilt if City comes up short. He could sack Mancini, but where do his pet-project go from there? It’s a result oriented business but if Mansour’s in for the long haul, building a dynasty won’t come overnight. It’ll take time. Mancini hasn’t done any favours to himself either with some borderline tactics recently.

While United has kept clean sheet after clean sheet, City’s wheels are falling off in this regard. It seems, at the moment, they can’t buy – how ironic is that – a clean sheet. Something Mancini was so good at Inter and the first full season at City and it must be bruising to his ego, to see the best yacht that organized his career betraying him in the examination of his life. Vincent Kompany’s intermitted appearances withstanding no excuses can be tolerated as permitting. When Alexandr Kolarov was in a rich vein of form, inexplicably Mancini stopped playing him. David Silva is so out of touch, Mario Balotelli’s next step is as sure fire as the fluctuation of the stock market and hit-man Sergio Aguero is out with a mysterious injury.

With a fixture list looking down at them with aghast, it’s all to play for and noisy neighbours are rocking the boat. The advantage is firmly with United and what was a coronation between City Vs United on April 30 seems a distant memory.

The value of a ‘citizenship’ is literally on trial.

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