Regaining Bradby At The Top Of The Hit List For Royal

For a platoon of young men, June 11, 2011 is best left forgotten. Up to that point, they had not known the name of defeat and past that inauspicious evening at their home ground, that was to be the only occurrence where they knew about it till the end of the season. The second leg of the Bradby stymied what could have been one of the most success laden seasons for Royal into being the unbeaten league champions.
En route to the League unconquered is a memorable chapter in itself but the surrendering of the shield in the most sought after Rugby tussle in the country would have at the aftermath instilled the doggedness to this year’s squad that there’s unfinished business to be take care of.
“Our main goal is to win the Bradby. Saying that, we are not going to do the mistake of focusing on that and lose sight of present. We’ll take every match as it comes. For example, whether it’s D.S, Science or Peter’s each game has its challenges. You have to treat every opponent with equal respect. To beat Trinity or any other team, you have to do the same things properly. Building up to the shield with winning momentum won’t do us any harm” says the new coach Bilal Yusuf.
Yusuf is no stranger to ‘invincible’ outfits as he was the assistant coach when Royal won the league in 2009 under Naren Dhason sweeping all and sundry infront of them. Posed whether they have everything to lose this year he’s determined to keep the foot on the ground.
“Even though you say that, i would say we have more to gain. We lost the most important game of the season-the second leg of Bradby. Probably for most of the Royalists that would have been the match that hurt the most because they value the shield very much. Talking about defending champions, it’s in the past now. This is a new season and you have to win it again. “
Royal is one of the first institutions in the country to try their luck in Rugby Union and unsurprisingly it was against Trinity their lineage of the sport began in 1920. It took 21 years for Royal to get the better of ‘Lions’ and from 1945 onwards the encounter was named ‘Bradby Shield’ in memory of Royal College principal E.L Bradby who put the idea on the table. The two-legged series has progressed uninterrupted since and is known to be one of the oldest matches of its kind in the world. Royal plays quite a number of annual fixtures for trophies with schools of old Rugby heritage.
They started the season with a relatively routine victory over D.S Senanayake and Yusuf’s notebook during the match has had some pages rolled it seems. ”There are lot of areas that need polishing. It was the first game of the season so it was bound to be a learning curve as to where we are. Our first half performance was decent but we faded a bit in the second half. That is something we need to focus on, getting consistent 80 minutes of Rugby to flourish.”
What set Royal apart from others last season was their will power as they edged matches and conjured miraculous comebacks. St. Joseph’s, Wesley and Isipathana games all went to wire and they had to foster a stirring comeback against St. Thomas to retain the Michael Gunaratne trophy before clinching the title in another action-packed match against Science in the last day.

The team is led by one of the players of the last season, Arshad Jamaldeen, whose place kicking was a thing of beauty. Bulky try hungry prop Eroshan De Alwis is his deputy and they will be ably supported by the likes of Lahiru Pavithra, Wasim Bawa, Ijaaz Bohoran, Damien Ratwatte, Rimze Jamaldeen, Malaka Ihalagedara and Azman Khan-all part of last year’s squad.
“We got a fairly experienced squad. Of course it’s minus last year’s captain Shehan Pathirana who was such an influential figure in the success of Royal Rugby. So the onus is on the other old hands to step up.” Yusuf says.
Who are the players to look out for? “I don’t like to do that because i want the same level of effort from every member of the squad. The danger is to over rely on a particular individual and if he goes down with an injury; the team is going to suffer. Potentially we are a very capable side and it’s a matter of expressing ourselves on the field.”
“Personally what I’m striving for is to bring the best out of the squad we got. The boys have worked hard in both the off and pre season. If we do that the results will take care of it selves.”
League is anybody’s game as it stands but a grounded Champion provides its own mystique.

Royal College Squad:
Arshad Jamaldeen (Captain), Eroshan De Alwis (Vice Captain), Kavin Perera, Lahiru Pavithra, Shuayb Muthalip, Ashan Perera, Andrew Siriwardena, Yasoon Weerasuriya, Madusha Kularathne, Ravishan Dassanayake, Devin De silva, Damien Ratwatte, Ijaaz Bohoran, Nimshan Jayawardena, Rimze Jamaldeen.
Malaka Ihalagedara, Azman Khan, Wasim Bawa, Nipun Weerasinghe, Sachin Vihanga, Sachin Unamboowa, Ashan Bandara, Anjana Hudahetty, Priyesh Perera, Nevaan Perera, Rukshan de Alwis, Shahid Bahudeen, Praveen Dambawinne, Jayasanka Hinduranwala, Dinesh Palitharatne, Dineth Karunarathne, Sahan Ferdinando, Pasindu Perera, Shuhaib Jabbar, Udesh Udawatte, Banuka Gamage.

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Traditional rivals set for the School Rugby premiere-Petes vs Joes-42nd Basil Wiratunga Memorial

The festive season has barely come to an end and the general public is still half-hearted in the midst of the procedure of getting back to normalcy but for a set of gentlemen, the last thing on their mind could have been the New Year celebrations. While others stacked up their bellies with Kavum and Kokis, schools’ rugby coaches could have been busy finalizing tactics and working out strategies tirelessly for the School Rugby season is up on us.
If the importance of gently exerting into the thick of things with a marquee performance in the first week is a given, what can raise the bar even high is a St.Peter’s College vs St.Joseph’s College encounter for the 42nd Fr. Basil Wiratunga Memorial Shield. Familiar foes will meet in the curtain raiser of the Singer Inter-school under 20 Division I-Group A league 2012 today at St.Peter’s College grounds in Bambalapitiya.
St.Peter’s who finished 4th last year is skippered by Sri Lanka youth player Dhanushka Ranjan. Ranjan’s darting runs was a common business last year and in Dulaj Perera their place kicking is safe hands. On their day, St. Peter’s backline could cut open any forward line such is the velocity and creativity but as with last year, the lack of a strong front bulldozers compared to other packs can be their Achilles heel.
St.Peter’s Coach, Colin Denish who is the honeymoon period of his appointment as the head coach after functioning under Sanath Martis in previous years believes their forwards are much better off for the experience they gained last year. “Our strength is the backline. But the forwards know what is at stake and they are very eager to impress. We don’t want tto put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, we go match by match and we would like to consider ourselves as the underdogs during the season.”
“It’s our big match. St.Joseph’s is our archrivals. They want to take revenge from us and we know that. That’s why we are not taking them lightly.” Denish confirms they won’t resort to second gears.
Sunanda Fernando, St.Joseph’s coach outwardly seconds Denish’s fears. “We have high hopes. It won’t be easy-it never is against St.Peter’s. But we are really confident that we can win this year.” And that confidence is enhanced by a more balanced squad than last year. “Our gameplan last year was heavily centered towards our forwards. But our backs have come a long way and they have matured.”
St.Joseph’s is captained by the man-mountain Yohan Keyser and they are supposed to have a pack that weight in more than 700kgs. Ironically Keyser was the victim of injustice last year when referee atrociously sent him off which resulted in Peterites edging a thrilling match 23-17. Josephians are packed with sons of some renowned sportsmen of yesteryear. Shehan Bopearachchi, Tariq Salih, Yohan Keyser, Vishmitha Pieris, Chirath Peiris and Shamilka Kurumbulapitiya all witnesses of the heritage.
The inception of the series dates back to 1955 when the first encounter was held at Bambalapitiya which was won by the Peterites in an apparent sign of things to come. Joes finally ended the wait in 1958 but the shield that is in existence now came to life in 1968. It was initiated by the St.Peter’s old boys considering the services rendered by the Rector. Basil Wiratunga and to date Peterites have had the number of their counterparts in unerring precision.
They lead the tally by 29-8 with four draws in the intermittent periods (1969, 1980, 1992 and 2004). Josephians captained by Shiraz Fernando won the first match thanks to a splendid solo performance by Brian Obeysekara who scored three tries.
Peterites have been unconquerable for 13 years and in the unbeaten streak they have also acquired milestones as Ranuka Jayasinghe led 2007 side annihilated the opponents 101-5, the biggest margin of victory in the series.
If they have any layout to stop St.Peter’s in their tracks, the least St. Joseph’s could do is include a note of Laksitha Gunaratne’s 1999 side (who triumphed the 1999 match 27-3 and incidentally it was the highest victory margin in Josephian side of things) as they were the final musketeers to leave Peterites glum-faced.
St.Peter’s College- Dhanushka Ranjan (Captain), Chathuranga Mendis, Shenal Abeysekara, Niraj Gunasinghe, Saranga Dulan, Malith Magage, Ravindu Indrakumar, Anuradha Herath, Priyanath Perera, Ruchira Perera, Dulaj Perera, Dilanka Perera, Banuka Peiris, Krishan Anthony, Kevin Dixon.
Reserves- Hasindu Fernando, Udara Anjana, Imal Perera, Kavin Fernando, Royston Jansen, Shehan Fernando, Jeremy Canute, Praveen De Silva, Shaleen Direckze, Shenal Aponso, Colin Denish (Coach).

St.Joseph’s College- Yohan Keyser (Captain), Goshen Jackson, Taariq Salih, Reyan Fernando, Suchintha Udamalagedara, Jason Melder, Shehan Bopearachchi, Chirath Peiris, Shamilka Kurumbulapitiya, Rehan Thiyagaraja, Vishmitha Pieris, Kasun Mendis, Hasuru Gunawardena, Dinesh Lakshan, Janith Shanaka.
Reserves- Vishwa Fernando, Sheggonne De Soyza, Pasindu Manilka, Shasheen Sudharaka, Akitha Hendalage, Ishane Peitersz, Shivanka Thangiah, Shehan De Silva, Lahiru Randeniya, Shenal Algama, Steffan Gregory, Sunanda Fernando (Coach).

Is Manchester City On Freefall?

Roberto Mancini’s nervy attitude towards most things lately isn’t something that’s on the fly it seems. As the summer winks, Mancini could be dreading at the hypothesis. Manchester United’s strength in the run-in was expected by almost every inspector, itplaying out right before the eyes, meticulous as ever. But for such a ridiculously powerful squad in the wee-hours of the league with a mean streak, City’s road from a tunnel-train to a tortoise is appalling, as well as bewildering.

Five points clear from the chasing pack staring at March after a February of resurrection of mistakes, now they lie five points adrift, a turn of events that’s certain to test Sheik Mansour’s inclination towards pulling the trigger. The title race is far from over with 21 points still to play for, but you can’t help but consider inwardly that the advantage has been handed on a platter to the famous side of Manchester.

Sneak peek closely and tracking down of the differences that has caused these changes is clear. It’s the contrasting philosophies of the two camps. While City’s mechanism emanates from scoring early and pressing through the advantage, United thrives on hanging on by the thread and striking In the final furlongs. They have championed the art of finishing and it isn’t strenuous to see why. Sir Alex Ferguson has done it before and his expert marshalling of troops is parallel to none in the business end. City settles into their rhythm and passes out the opponents if that desired breakthrough arrives early or they continuously speed up the panic lever. Three ‘S’s – Swansea, Stoke and Sunderland – have all preyed upon the City’s early motion or doom emblem while United have played the waiting game with admirable consistency.

Ryan Giggs’s lurk to spoil the party at Carrow Road, Choking of Tottenham after being second best for large swathes of time, Singular seeing off of Fulham or the latest feather to the cap against Blackburn Rovers, Ferguson is preserving a dynasty. City, after seeking the warmth of Mansour, is like a child with a fortune. Spending isn’t black as some might eke it as out to be, any disagreement of the part can be done by bravado and collectiveness in the pitch, for it has totalled up quality in the English Premier League like never before. The other side of the spectrum is after splurging this much wealth around, not winning a single trophy is unpardonable.

Mancini is a ‘cup’ man, but from the outset, City was quick to ascertain that the league is their main priority this season. So, if they fail in their quest, there won’t be large contingents who would call City’s season passable without braving isolation and stupidity. Mansour has shown his opulent self has restrained himself -hardly a feature in his luxurious colleagues – desperate measures so far and his patience will be tested to the hilt if City comes up short. He could sack Mancini, but where do his pet-project go from there? It’s a result oriented business but if Mansour’s in for the long haul, building a dynasty won’t come overnight. It’ll take time. Mancini hasn’t done any favours to himself either with some borderline tactics recently.

While United has kept clean sheet after clean sheet, City’s wheels are falling off in this regard. It seems, at the moment, they can’t buy – how ironic is that – a clean sheet. Something Mancini was so good at Inter and the first full season at City and it must be bruising to his ego, to see the best yacht that organized his career betraying him in the examination of his life. Vincent Kompany’s intermitted appearances withstanding no excuses can be tolerated as permitting. When Alexandr Kolarov was in a rich vein of form, inexplicably Mancini stopped playing him. David Silva is so out of touch, Mario Balotelli’s next step is as sure fire as the fluctuation of the stock market and hit-man Sergio Aguero is out with a mysterious injury.

With a fixture list looking down at them with aghast, it’s all to play for and noisy neighbours are rocking the boat. The advantage is firmly with United and what was a coronation between City Vs United on April 30 seems a distant memory.

The value of a ‘citizenship’ is literally on trial.

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Muttiah Muralitharan – Once In A Lifetime Career

Originally Written For 01-08-2010 Sunday Island.

2010.07.22 will go down in cricketing folklore as a day so poetically crafted that it reminded of a Cinderella story. The occasion was so huge, the person who’s responsible for all the pageantry Galle was subjected to needed 3 wickets to achieve a landmark which other bowlers have never dreamt of achieving or even if they did has no chance of success. Muttiah Muralitharan true to his billing toiled hard under the sun one final time in white cloths and unraveled his mystery again and turned Galle into a carnival atmosphere.

After Malinga-who looked like getting a wicket every ball he bowled- got rid of a resilient Abhimanyu Mithun, captain Sangakkara’s intentional or not, move to remove him left a clear playing field for Murali-not that he needed it-to snare the final victim and into virtual dreamland.

Like all those unforgettable years before, he wasn’t going to disappoint and the mission was complete when his “general” at slips combined for the 77th time. Everyone who tuned in numbers to bid farewell to the greatest cricketer Sri Lanka has ever produced went to raptures and it was time to celebrate.

No one in the history of Sri Lanka Cricket has carved a niche so epic. Ever since his turn from a paceman to a slow bowler under lucky circumstances-thanks to his coach Sunil Fernando-at St Anthony’s, Murali wasn’t the one to look back. After taking the school scene by storm to making the Test debut against soon to be close friends Australia, he slowly but surely took over the mantle of number one spinner in the island.

Although a dark chapter of his career was written in 95 at the MCG on Boxing Day, what would have served him well could have been the World Cup triumph that followed immediately. A moment like that-Murali to date refers to as the greatest moment in his career-can quickly squash the calamities of the past. It was a blessing in disguise no doubt.

Murali’s one of the greatest attributes is not living in the past. When his off breaks were beginning to be picked by the batsmen he developed “Doosra”, when asked about the umpires who “no balled” him, he said it was their job. So humble is this man, he is a great present and future ambassador for our country. More importantly, he’s a beacon of hope for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka to believe that actually Tamils and Sinhalese can co-exist together to bring glory to our motherland.

There will forever be rants about the legality of his action, and he’s done everything humanly possible to prove to the world that his is legal. Every great thing has its own critics and so does Murali. He took four tests at various places around the world, just think about how weird it would have felt bowling with chips all over his body? A normal would never have had the courage to stand against that adversity. As they say, ‘Adversity introduces a man to himself’ and Murali would have benefited from it than anyone. The umpires who called him for throwing-Darryl Hair and Ross Emerson-are unheard of these days. Another critic former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who disgracefully called Murali a chucker while declining to apologize lost his seat also in the preceding election and had his bid to become the ICC President unceremoniously blocked. Hair and Emerson had a legitimate right to do it while Howard had no business issuing such statements. Bishen Singh Bedi who acts like he has a personal vendetta against Murali is developing a reputation as a whiner regarding Murali even in India.

Twist of fate, may be.

His on field battle with Shane Warne is well documented and one weak spot this writer observed in Murali during his early days compared to Warne was his inability to pick up a wicket at a crucial juncture of a game. He used to pick up wickets but by usually bowling long spells while Warne always had that special delivery at the most opportune time. The day he shrugged off that little chink in the armor was during the third Test between India and Sri Lanka at SSC in 2001. India was cruising along at 97/0 and the series was level at 1-1, when Murali masterminded a major collapse taking 87/8 thus taking Sri Lanka to victory. True he bamboozled the Englishmen at The Oval, but this was the more incisive spell which showed signs of things to come. Ever since that day Murali was the go to man for the captain and more often than not he would oblige.

When praising Murali’s career two stones people tend to forget are Arjuna Ranatunga and Chaminda Vaas. Sure the cricket board, players and everyone stood for Murali but Arjuna was like a warrior, always standing by him when the atrocious times arrived. No one would have walked off the field protesting the umpire’s decision like Arjuna did. He never changed his stance towards his loyalty to Murali, shielding him like a national treasure, although some would call it arrogance, it was all worth it. Arjuna was ready to tarnish his image for the sake of Murali. If not for Arjuna it’s not an exaggeration to concede that Murali would have been a footnote in the history of cricket.

For the majority of wickets Murali got, the support he received from the other end from a certain guy named Chaminda Vaas is greatly under appreciated. Vaas may have got only 355 wickets-still a worthy effort in unhelpful conditions in the sub continent- but the untiring spells he put into tie one end up was tremendous considering Murali’s achievements.

Oh how come anybody forget, Murali the batsman. Afraid to face the leather ball or what, he has come up with some entertaining and important knocks. Categorized as a slogger, but an exception to the rule is clearly visible in recent times in his approach. Don’t think Mahela Jayawardena or the team thought about his profound shyness to the ball when he smacked 30odd in double quick time at Mirpur against Bangladesh to save his team from an embarrassing defeat. It was crystal clear that he had done a lot to improve his batting, no longer was Murali a slogger.

Apart from cricket, honest efforts through his foundation to help the people devastated by tsunami classify him as a true gentleman. Until his retirement most people didn’t know about his charity work but thanks to those tributes now it is a well known fact. And that in itself epitomizes that Murali for his all good work isn’t interested in letting the world to know about it to attract personal attention. People like Sir Ian Botham, Shane Warne and Michael Schumacher willing to be part of his work at Seenigama shows the high regard, Murali has in the world of sports.

With this retirement, cricket will be poorer because it has no signs of the freak legendary spinners Murali or a Warne –to certain extend Kumble and Saqlain-looming in the horizon.

The predicament is ever more visible seeing the guy Murali named as his successor, has bowled 75 overs in the current series for a reward of a solitary wicket. Graeme Swann has a great opportunity to evolve but the mastery and the craft Murali or a Warne used to have will not be touched upon. With these factors and no clear rival in close distance, it is safe to say that this record is not meant to be broken for years to come.

Eight hundred Test wickets, 67 five wicket hauls, 22 ten wickets in a match, 500 odd ODI wickets, this man has done it all. From the humble beginnings of Kandy to being the cornerstone of Sri Lanka Cricket, it has been without a shadow of a doubt one hell of a journey.

The mind boggling eyes, own unique way of celebrating a wicket, the one hand raised appeals, polite ramblings with the umpires will forever be missed.

Murali the down to earth person will be missed even more.

Now that Murali has retired, Test cricket will never be the same again. Proud followers of cricket should be privileged to have witnessed a career so magical that it is destined for hall of fame.

Age of Muttiah Muralitharan has just finished, but the legacy will live on.

For all the heartfelt and joyous moments you have given, let me echo the words of all cricket loving public, Thank you very much Murali, it was surely a wonderful ride!!!

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My WrestleMania XXVIII Postlude

The Grandest Stage of them All. The Pinnacle of Sports Entertainment. The Pageantry. The Showcase of The Immortals. This is the Global Phenomenon!

Another year of the Elite Extravaganza that is WrestleMania is in the books. The beautiful thing about this time of the year is, this is where WWE puts all their repetitive wisdom aside and comes up with Gold. The magical build-ups, the intense promos, etc everyone’s on the ball when the Road to WrestleMania rolls along and the culmination in the show itself always delivers without fail.

This year was no different. I have seen some dildos call this the best WrestleMania in recent years but i wont go that far. This cant touch the epicness that was WrestleMania XXIV and XXVI according to this Pendleton. Lot of fury as well as praise about this year is ready to be unleashed from my closet and without further skulduggery letsdewittttttt.

Lilian Garcia with the ‘America The Beautiful’. God, I love this woman. It makes me untouchably blissful to see your face again. No not yours, rabbits. Lilian’s.

What a sick intro to raise the curtains! I cant believe we are being fed The Rock vs Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Monster vs Y2J in the same night. Yes, that’s WrestleMania for you. The stage where the most cherished dreams are realized.
Ok, Bring on the spectacle.

DANIEL BRYAN VS SHEAMUS for the World Heavyweight Title
I hate to start this with a sore note and dampen the spirits. If i convey my thoughts on this farce first, might as well bear witness an Earthquake marked at 10.2 in the Richter Scale. Yes, you read that right. Instead of this ‘curtain-killer’ i’ll begin the festivities with my most anticipated match of the night.


Whoa There and read this carefully.

This is an axiom. Axioms don’t change. They don’t change forever let along due to a solitary match result. Raise your hand if anyone disagrees. And in the same way you raised your hand, get smooth the f*** outta here with that bullshit. Y2J cemented his legacy that night. He tapped out to Punk for godsake. He came to back to give back to the sport that made him and he did it. That’s what you call greatness.

Jericho and CM Punk took the hard but deserving ride to the top. Both wrestled in bingo halls, learned the craft from the best, worked their way through the rock bottom and got themselves into WWE. Y2J knows firsthand how vigorous routine that was. How much sweat and blood it took to get where he is now. He sees a kid similar to him and he unselfishly came back to put him on the map. CM Punk is a star now. He beat Y2J at WM. I bow down to you Chris, You are a diamond in this business.

Anybody who disagrees with me, can voice their voice opinion until the cows come home. Too bad if you don’t have cows yet.

Chris Jericho is the best entertainer to set foot on WWE. Interrupting the Rock to debut, First Undisputed Champion, Creator of Money In Bank i could go on on. This was the best match of the night. From epic return videos, the build-up…..everything was so poetic. The ring physiology…man this was it. I ate the whole match with a f****** spoon.(26.00-57.00)

Jericholic 4 life!

DANIEL BRYAN VS SHEAMUS for the World Heavyweight Title
This was a bad joke. A real bad joke. ‘Yes’ man did not deserve this kind of treatment. Lose in 18 seconds? F*** you Vince. What the hell were you thinking? Is this a parody of ‘gone in 30 seconds’? I hope you heard the fans in the next match? They weren’t chanting Orton or Kane, they were screaming their lungs out ‘daniel bryan’ and ‘yes’ chants.

The sun is setting and what a breathtaking airshot of jampacked Sun Life Stadium that was. This was a good match. But hot damn! So surprised to see Big Red Monster pick up the win without even cheating. Mr. See No Evil really got me there.And yes I miss young Orton.

CODY RHODES VS THE BIG SHOW for the Intercontinental Title
Thanks heavens for letting us not experience Big Show’s ass again. I would have banged a tree had i was subjected to this kind of crapiloghy again. Rhodes is cool and all but Big Show earned this win for everything he did through the years for the company. Kudos to the big man.

END OF AN ERA- The Undertaker vs Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the Guest Referee

Tell me folks am i the only one who shakes his body and dances to the tune like a little child when Heart Break Kid comes from those isles?(2.15-4-45) I loved this then, i love this now and i’ll love it forever. There’s no WrestleMania without Mr. Wrestle Mania-The Greatest Performer of all time.

To the match and what a war it was. What emotions, What drama, What tension. What in the god’s green earth happened to Deadman’s haircut? Holy Moly, that Mohawk was sick! I would have been pissed off had The Game broke the streak. And props to him for not turning the Wrestling World upside down. Michaels played his part to a tee and it was so fitting to see three of them all in arms at the end.

No, this did not surpass what Deadman and Michaels did at WM XXV or XXVI but still this was way better than i expected. If given the chance what i would changed is the Mettalica music that was used during lowering the cage. This kind of environment only fits a demonic music for godsake. Return of Jim Ross was a nice touch too. Who could have called this battle than good old jr! Both men were ready to murder each other. Streak Lives!


Praise it while it lasts! My boy Wade Barrett is breaking it next year. See what i did there.


Edge is the Hall Of Fame. There’s no soul that’s happier for him. One of my permanent favourites. He’s Where He Belongs! #thankyouedge


Meh. Yeah, that’s basically it.

P.S- Admit it Vince. You keep doing this for us penis wrinkles to have our annual wank right? I aren’t gonna fall into your trap. Kelly Kelly doesn’t warrant anywhere near my crown jewel. Infact none of this heifers do! Feel sorry for Beth Phoenix though, she has to lose to some bimbo who comes out of nowhere. After Trish vs Mickie at WM XXII, you have replicated disaster after disaster and i’m fed up with women’s matches. Sad but true.


I cant stop laughing at the guy wearing the Hulkamania shirt in the left screen. Whatcha gonna do brotherrrrr? Fun times amigo, Fun times.

Johnny Ace got the win. Everything’s right with the world. But wait cunt stain, what travesty was it to let Long Island Iced Z-Zack Ryder- take the pinfall. Better yet, kicked in the nuts by Eve? What moron booked that? You think we are nincompoop punks? We saw it all before canuck. Whoever it is come out and see the sun. Please try to last a week without beating up the children even if they are not products of your untiring efforts.


I’m Confused. I don’t know what to say. If the tradition had prevailed, Rock should have put over Cena last night. But as we all so it didn’t happen. I really wanted Cena to win and turn ‘heel’ but beggars cant be choosers i guess.

The crowd in this match sucked Elephant cock. Where was the pops? To the Canadian crowd in Sky Dome for Rock vs Hogan in WM XVIII to this, it was like a Rock ‘n’ Roll concert compared to a fart in a motel. Who hurt you Miami? I told you those visiting fans to use ‘protection’. Wouldn’t have anything to contemplate no? Or did a kid beat you to a drumstick? Seriously what was it?

The two entrances weren’t special too.And this is my favourite Cena entrance.

Rock has beaten Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and John Cena now! Sweet F***! That’s a hell of resume! So apparently when Rock signed back with WWE he wasn’t going to lose Cena. Now go back and see what i said about Jericho. See my point? Get it? Got It? Good!
In retrospect glad it ended that way though. Rock’s committed to WWE again and has vowed to go after WWE title again. That’s pimpastic if you ask me.

Speaking of pimps, who the f*** is Machine Gun Kelly and Flo-Rida. You two cock munchers absolutely positively sucked. None of the theme songs could hold a candle to previous ones. For the record these are my favourite WM theme songs from previous editions.

Written In The Stars-Tinie Tempah
Snow-Red Hot Chilie Peppers
Light It Up-Rev Theory
I Made It-Kevin Rudolf
Be Yourself-Audio Slave
Big Time-The Sound Track Of Our Lives

This was a damn good WrestleMania. And the biggest shock was left………to Monday Night Raw!
The Lightning Struck dammit!

I’m fanboy again. Rocky’s after the title, Batista on the verge of a return and this beast is back!
How ironic is it that i posted this man vs Deadman last week pleading for something.
Yes! Ladies and Ger….errrr Gentlemen! The Beast Is Back! The Brock The F****** Lesnar is Back!

Big Man, to put it mildly I Missed You! #nohomo

The Freak Unleashed and F-5d The Cenation! Holy Cow! Here Comes The Pain! Lord Have Mercy On My Soul!